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Tim Keller on Faith and Work / Great Commission

June 14, 2010

I thought the following Tim Keller interview was very helpful in understanding the need for Work/Faith integration and the need for Profession-als to put their faith into words.

People need to have a foundation of ‘Career’ and ‘Calling’ before they share their faith in the workplace which remains as it has for thousands of years, the best place for evangelism.

Tim Keller – Here’s Life Interview

One of Keller’s key points is the critical nature of the Church providing the tools, resources, modeling and teaching to its people how to integrate their faith with their work, especially in urban centers because cities tend to have more vocationally focused people (people who live to work, vs. work to live), so building educational ministries such as are almost mandatory if there is to be any impact on these types of individuals.

I hope more churches can put efforts and resources into Work / Faith integration in the years ahead.  The progress these days is encouraging.

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