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The Core Uniting Discipline

June 18, 2010

I was struck by the recent “Life Integration” comments of Dr Neil Neilson from Covenant College at graduation this past year.   He is spot on that Biblical Calling puts leadership in its proper context; those who know the Caller are uniquely positioned to be courageous when others aren’t, to lead when no one is watching and care when others are careless:

Here is what he says ( the complete talk is available at his blog)

[P]rofessionals should have basic knowledge spanning crucial areas like natural science, health science, engineering, public policy, and management … basic knowledge is needed to harness and coordinate the insights that are constantly emerging from a relevant range of fields… to understand how the various disciplines relate to and inform one another. We should expect such mutual relation … [However F]oundational convictions about the beauty and variety of God’s creation. … [prepares leaders] exactly as they should … for what lies ahead. We don’t do what we do for purely pragmatic reasons; our belief [is] that … education should be interdisciplinary from beginning to end is [based on our convictions] and flows from a biblical and reformed theology.

For a more in depth study of the Biblical and Reformed view of calling and this ‘Uniting Discipline’ being brought about by the Trinity in our daily lives consider taking a peek at Professionals: Men and Women Partnering with the Trinity in Everyday Life.

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