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Labor Day thoughts from Tony Blair Memoir

September 3, 2010

An OpEd piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning captured some pretty interesting thoughts about stimulus packages and recoveries by Tony Blair.   I think he is able to captivate an interesting tension not present in the polarizing United States debate on the effectiveness of stimulus packages and economic theory.

The journal piece which characterizes Blair as “Getting to the Heart of the Matter” quotes Blair as stating:

Ultimately the recovery will be led not by governments but by industry, business, and the creativity, ingenuity and enterprise of people.   If the measures you take in responding to (a) crisis diminish their incentives, curb their entrepreneurship, make them feel unsure about the climate in which they are working, the recovery becomes uncertain.

I guess clarity comes from being out of office to rest and reflecting awhile on the past.   With that said on this labor day weekend take some time to rest, reflect, and give thanks for the skills, gifts and work we often take for granted  – whatever it is – paid and unpaid, manual, skilled white collar, pink and blue collared.   And after that give thanks to the Creator that gives great gifts to his people everywhere – whether they acknowledge Him or not.

For more on various types of work and work culture, as well as challenges in different work spheres in integrating your faith with your work – take a peek at Professionals: Men and Women Partnering with the Trinity in Everyday Life.

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