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Weekend Seminar or Sunday School Class Series on Work & Faith

August 21, 2011

A Sunday School Series or weekend seminar based on Profession-als: Men and Women Partnering with the Trinity in Everyday Life is easy to put on.  Use the book plus the materials below for a version that can be used with singles, couple or men’s groups…

The suggested 2 and 1/2 day format would be:

Friday PM – Work and Faith

Saturday AM – Career, Calling and Profession

Saturday PM – 3 Big Ideas of Scripture

– Cultural Mandate,
– Great Commandment,
– Great Commission Overview.

Sunday Worship AM – 3 Big Ideas Applied:

– The Gospel Freedom of Living ‘Along’ Moments of Truth.

 The concept is that participants could come in prepared (having read the first four chapters of  “Profession-als”) or ‘cold’ – having not prepared at all.  Tell us what you think!

An alternative would be a Sunday School Class Series that delves into the same for either one quarter or a full academic year of study. (See Below)

Week 1  – Faith and Work / Work and Faith  (Chapters 1&2)

Week 2 – Career, Calling and Profession (Chapter 3)

Week 3 – 3 Big Ideas of Scripture (Chapter 4)

Week 4 to Week9 – Relational and Spiritual Dimensions of 3 Big Ideas (Chapters 5-10)


Week 4 to Week 33 – Moments of Truth 1 to 30 (found in Chapters 5-10)

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