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Three Churches with Three Applications of The Gospel Centered Life at Work

October 16, 2014

It is exciting to see how The Gospel-Centered-Life at Work is being engaged and used by the church at large, with passion, beauty, and creativity.   In addition to using the guide ‘as-is’ in either a twelve week “Easy-Prep” Bible Study or Sunday School Class, there are also three opportunities I want to share as idea starters on how the Leader’s Guide can be used by a congregation.

soma-logoThe first application is Pastor Ben Joyce at Soma San Ramon Valley.

The church is doing a Faith@Work sermon series and is using The Gospel Centered Life at Work as one of the primary resources for discussion in their missional community followup groups.   See their website for more info or click on 6 week series below:

Week 1 – How God Can Make Your Work More Fulfilling    SERMON | Week-1-StudyGuide

Week 2 – How God Can Give Your Work A Higher Purpose   SERMON |Week-2-StudyGuide

Week 3 – How God Gives You a More Meaningful Mission, I   SERMON |Week-3 & 4-StudyGuide

Week 4 – How God Gives You a More Meaningful Mission, II   SERMON | STUDY GUIDE 

Week 5 – How God Can Transform You 9 to 5 SERMON | Week-5-StudyGuide 

Week 6 – How God Can Help You Unplug from Work  SERMON | STUDY GUIDE 


thumbOur second application is the Men’s Ministry at Grace Bible Church in Nacogdoches Texas. We’re also really excited to see that they’ve created a set of “one-pagers” that have scripture quotes and questions for a Men’s Bible Study Group that use the Gospel Centered Life at Work as the primary resource undergirding their series.  These “one-pagers” are great resource for discussion group leaders who’ve read the leaders guide and want something simple to interact with over a morning breakfast gathering or evening prayer group.

Here are the first six one pagers they’ve created.

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson 1

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson2

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson3

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson4

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson5

Mens-Bible-Study-Questions Lesson6



Finally, the Faith and Women’s Group at Redeemer San Diego, a low key book discussion gathering, uses Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller and The Gospel Centered Life at Work as it’s main texts.

The group meets monthly alternating on weekends and evenings to accommodate various work schedules.  The main goal of the group is to provide support and discussion of faith and work topics for working women.

Because it is low key (one reason the Gospel Centered Life at Work works so well is its easy preparation fomat) the pressure and stress on the group is relieved, and a space is created where participants can be real about the challenges and joys of being women of faith working in the world. The discussions are simple and low-key; so women can come as they are and wear comfortable (nonwork) clothes.

Tell us how you are using The Gospel Centered Life at Work.   I’m certain the church can benefit from YOUR work here too!


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