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December 20, 2014

Welcome to Gospel Centered Work a place for faith and work integrating believers to connect, ask questions and sharpen one another. This site is a tool, built to serve the growing community of believers who know that their work is in the world and not merely of the world.

Over the past twenty years a growing body of literature has been written on understanding calling or the integration of Faith and Daily Life in the postmodern era.  Much of this has been “how to” or historically based work, coming from either an academic or an applied ( often vocationally specific ) perspective.  What’s been lacking is an integration of the approaches that has been useful to everyday believers in the depth and breadth of their experience.

For an introductory study “The Gospel Centered Life at Work” is perfect for small groups looking to ask the question “What does it mean for me to integrate my faith and my work?”   For those who want to think at a more advanced “applied” or academic level ‘Profession-als’ aims to integrate work and faith in a more personal devotional format, especially for those in the marketplace or business world.  Use Amazon’s Look-Insidetm feature to see just what we mean!

You can order “The Gospel Centered Life at Work” in bulk at New Growth Press

Or order a discounted copy of “Professionals” on your Amazon Kindle, or for groups consider contacting us directly for a group discount of 10 or more books.    Do you have a question, comment or response.  If so go to the ABOUT page to submit.

You also are encouraged to look around, reply to a post or contact me with an idea for a new thread.

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