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The Church as Helpmate

November 21, 2010

Heard a great sermon this morning on the role of the church.   God has put a lot of images in scripture about the church.   We also gather a number of extrabiblical images from our society as well … which are just that extra-Biblical and therefore often not helpful. (Restaurant, Mall, Entertainment Venu, Hospital)

In Scripture we see the images of a Bride of the King, and Body of Christ as two helpful images.   I want to delve into some assumptions about these though … often we see these images as distinct and ourselves in an unfinished state, like a bride that is waiting for her groom, still in the room with her attendants awaiting the big moment.

However the work of Christ is complete and we have work to do as the church.  Likewise in the body, we are focused on the needs of the body, and often the assumption and roles defined for that body are often seen as merely taking care of feeding and caring for itself.  However to be a true body, a body needs outwardly focused significant work to do.

I want to propose a third metaphor that really is a combination of a corrected view of these first two concepts (which is similar to the role of the original design as proposed for Eve…) that of a helpmate.

We are the Helpmate of Christ.  We bring Glory to our husband, and elevate Him.   He has work to do, and although He doesn’t need us in it, we need Him, and He invites us to partner with Him in the restoration of all things, as both a participant and witness. Our focus is not merely ourselves.  It is outward and brings honor and meaning to those who are welcomed into and nurtured within our family, infusing their lives with meaning as well.

Long Live the King.

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