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Book #2 Released

February 1, 2011

Valley of Praise: ReMixed Prayers and Confessions based on the works of Augustine, Luther and CalvinI’ve been working on a second book over the past two summers, which was just released by Createspace this past week.    It is a book written in the style of the Valley of Vision with entries based on works by Augustine, Luther and Calvin.  All these works are in the public domain, but I have taken them a step further and moved the prose from an Old English into a more modern and poetic version.   This trend in Hymnody of updating melodies and lyrics to make tunes more accessible for the modern worshipper should be able to translate over well to these classics.

The Augustine works are based mostly on “Confessions”, Luther is based on his Larger Catechism and prayerbook, Calvin’s comes from a series of prayers and confessions imbedded in his Commentaries.  I hope you enjoy.

I am working a second installment which includes works from the Christian Scientists Issac Newton, Robert Boyle and Blaise Pascal inthe same vein.

Let me know what you think….


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