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Course Materials for 12 Week Class

January 18, 2010

These are the class materials for an early Faith and Work Sunday School Class that used Doing God’s Business by Paul Stevens and Professionals as discussion texts.

Final Class – Work and Faith April 11th Don Flow Interview.mp3

Chapter 11 – Discussion Guide, Work and Faith Chapter11 mp3

Chapter 10 “Letting Life Speak” – Discussion Guide, Work and Faith Chapter 10 mp3

Chapter 9 “Being Creative” – Discussion Guide, Work and Faith Chapter 9 mp3

Chapter 8 “Cultivating Integrity” – Discussion Guide, Class Presentation,Class Discussion Chapter8 mp3

Chapter 7 “Going Deep” – Discussion Guide, Chapter 7 Class Discussion mp3

Chapter 6 “Globalization” – Discussion Guide

Chapter 5 “Marketplace Mission” – Discussion Guide, Chapter 5 Class Discussion mp3

Chapter 4 “Organizations & Spheres of Influence” – Discussion GuideClass PresentationChapter 4 Class Discussion mp3

Chapter 3 “The Trinity & Prophets, Priests, Princes(ess)” – Discussion Guide

Chapter 2 “What is Calling?” – Discussion Guide Class PresentationChapter 2 Class Discussion mp3

Chapter 1 “What Business is God In” – Discussion Guide

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